Rinus Van de Velde

Rinus Van de Velde

Bridging the potential and the impossible, Rinus Van de Velde (b. 1983) tells a tale of imagined histories, of fictional autobiographies and fantastic encounters. Spanning various media from drawing and painting to installation and film, Van de Velde is known for his witty commentary and meticulous use of charcoal on large-scale canvas. 

Rinus Van de Velde’s narrative style balances between truth and imagination, which is reflected in the intricate interplay of light and shadow in his work. Convinced that art is not born of one sole truth, through his works, Van de Velde aims to open a multiplicity of realities to his audience. Inhabiting these worlds, the artist often depicts himself as the protagonist, whether sat in an armchair smoking or dressed as a star tennis player. 

Since the late 2010s, Van de Velde complements his signature monochrome palette with faded and subdued shades, becoming increasingly more saturated over time. In recent years, the artist has focused on a new body of work in colour, beginning with small-scale pencil drawings, which have evolved into larger compositions in vibrant oil stick. Fascinated by the spontaneity of drawing, Van de Velde embraces the medium’s mischievous, chaotic qualities, transcribing this spirit onto a large scale that, in its grandeur, is reminiscent of traditional oil painting. Unlike painting, forever condemned to the burden of making definite statements, Van de Velde sees in drawing the possibility of ‘designing your world’. 

‘My work is always based on fiction, placed alongside reality. It is about the truth and a lie. Where is the real in all of it? And this is interesting I think, for me to mix it all up. I don’t think it is as interesting to say (what is and isn’t real) this is the truth. I don’t wish this, because I am not an authority on the truth. I don’t want to be in that position, and the same of what I said about making statements in painting, I am not that kind of artist who is going to make an assertion and say that this is how the world is now. I like that everything is much more ambivalent and that there is hesitation, it is false or fact? The lie is much more interesting I think than telling the truth.’

R. Van de Velde in conversation with R. Punj ‘Living a Lie. An interview with Rinus Van de Velde’, in Art&Deal, 2020

Image: I wish we will be a reason..., 2022, oil pastel on paper, 110 x 73 cm.; 43 1/4 x 28 3/4 in., 126.5 x 89.5 x 4 cm.; 49 3/4 x 35 1/4 x 1 5/8 in. (framed). Photo: courtesy of Tim van Laere Gallery

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The yellow light at 6pm:
Remembering, envisioning, sensing landscape

Darren Almond, Georg Baselitz, Glenn Brown, André Butzer, Sarah Crowner, Carroll Dunham, Hedwig Eberle, Ida Ekblad, Günther Förg, Katharina Grosse, Alex Israel, Melike Kara, Alex Katz, Friedrich Kunath, Beth Letain, Jake Longstreth, Tal R, David Salle, Julian Schnabel, David Schutter, Sean Scully, Ben Sledsens, Mònica Subidé, Vivian Suter, Liliane Tomasko, Tursic & Mille, Rinus Van de Velde, Grace Weaver, Emma Webster, Toby Ziegler
curated by Christian Malycha

Berlin: Goethestraße 2/3
23 June – 19 August 2023

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Born in Leuven, Belgium

Lives and works in Antwerp


A.Z. Artgestion Collection, Bilbao

Belfius Art Collection, Brussels

CAC Malaga

Colección SOLO, Madrid

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Fondazione Ghisla Art Collection, Locaro

FRAC des Pays de la Loire, Nantes

Karel De Grote Hogeschool, Antwerp

Kunstmuseum Den Haag, The Hague

KPN Art Collection

Kunstmuseum Luzern

KWM Art Center, Beijing

M HKA, Antwerp

Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar

S.M.A.K., Ghent

Stad Antwerpen



Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

Galerie Max Hetzler, London

The Armchair Voyager
Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar


Inner Travels
Europalia Trains & Tracks, BOZAR, Centre for Fine Arts, Brussels

Baton Gallery, Seoul


Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

I’d rather stay at home
Kunstmuseum Luzern, Lucerne

La Ruta Natural
FRAC des Pays de la Loire


On Another Plane of Existence
Gallery Baton, Seoul

Let the Engine Run
König Tokio, Tokyo


The Villagers
Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

The Colony
KWM artcentre, Beijing

Bærum Kulturhaus, Sandvika

I’ve Lived For So Many Days Now
König Galerie, Berlin


Now I am the night of nights
Kunstpalais Erlangen


Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

König Galerie, Berlin

About Robert Rino
Nest, The Hague


Kunstmuseum Den Haag, The Hague

A Sunday as a Sunday
Tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam

Donogoo Tonka
SMAK, Ghent


Dear Friends,…
Kunsthalle São Paulo

Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp


Galerie Zink, Berlin


Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (CAC), Malaga


The Lost Bishop
Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam

Patrick Painter Inc., Los Angeles


Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

Dear David Johnson,…
Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago

The Wanderer
Susan Numerhoff Gallery, New York

With Nothing but myself
Galerie Zink, Berlin


How many steps until the next block
Institut für zeitgenössische Kunst, Nuremberg

There is not a single grey hair in my soul
Pocket Room, Antwerp

Unsere Wand ist Total Super
Galerie Zink, Berlin


Gaining here is losing there
Be Part, Waregem

Interisland Terminal, Honolulu

Pocket Room, Antwerp

A rotating sculpture and the residues
Galerie Zink, Munich


William Crowder, 40 years of sculpture
S.M.A.K., Ghent

Waiting for a Retrospective
Lokaal01, Antwerp

Recent drawings
1st Floor Gallery, Antwerp


Untitled Gallery, Antwerp

Gallery Boechout


S&S Gallery, Antwerp

Bastart Gallery, Houthalen


Existenzmaximum, Leuven



The yellow light at 6pm:
Remembering, envisioning, sensing landscape
, curated by Christian Malycha
Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin


A Line Around An Idea: ways of knowing through contemporary drawing practices
The Glucksman, Cork

Let's Go

Tim van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

Abrasive Paradise
Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort

De Warande, Turnhout


Enjoy and Take Care!
Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

PRELUDE: Melancholy of the Future
Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle

Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague

Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing


Gallery Baton, Seoul

JRSLM Paradise Lost Again
VUB, Brussels

Mier Gallery, Los Angeles

Art Basel - Parcours, Basel

AMBERES – Roberto Bolaño’s Antwerp
M HKA, Antwerp

Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

The Breeder, Athens

I will be dead
König London

Hand Drawn Action Packed
Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery

The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea

The Last Waltz (For Lean)
Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp


Auf ab die Insel!
Kunstmuseum Luzerne, Lucerne

Hand Drawn Action Packed
New Museum and Art Gallery, St Albans

The Line Up: The Power of Drawing
Central Museum, Utrecht


Take care, amigo
Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

Tomorrow is a long time
Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp


The Revenge of the Common Place
Palazzo Nani Mocenigo, Venice

We will begin by drawing, we shall continue to draw, and then we shall draw some more
Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

The future = Beurssc50uwburg
Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Run for the Roses
Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp


Master Mould and Copy Room
CAFA Art Museum, Beijing

A Story of Absence
National Bank, Brussels

Passions Secrètes
Lille 3000

Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp


Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

For The Time Being. Wall Paintings, Painted Walls
Kunsthalle Bielefeld

Beyond Tradition
Garage, Rotterdam


Being Here
Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

Bucharest International Biennial for Contemporary Art

The Reality of the Unbuilt
Raketenstation Hombroich, Neuss

Kamarama, Bruges

Kasteel d’Aspremont-Lynden, Oud Rekem


We Are The Only Artists In The Village
Tarmac, Meerhout

Past Present Future#2 – People and the City
Contemporary Art Centre Winzawod, Glasgow

David Roberts Foundation, London

In- and outside - writing
Voorkamer, Lier

Der Reiz der belanglosen Geschichte
Galerie Zink, Berlin

Propos d’Europe 10.0 - Des artistes belges
Foundation Hippocrène, Paris

KIT, Düsseldorf

Les Brasseurs, Liège

Nanzuka underground, Tokyo


Verzamelde verhalen, Watou

Thank you For Tomorrow, Ghent

Drawing Documents
Extra city, Antwerp

Schwarz und Weiss
Galerie Zink, Munich

Smooth Structures
Smart Project Space, Amsterdam

One Little Indian
HISK group show, La Generale, Paris

A Thin Line
Tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam

Imagined, Observed, Remembered
Extra City, Antwerp

Ah Oh
Curated by g, Galerinon, Istanbul

een Belgenshow, Enschede


Tegenboschvanvreden gallery, Amsterdam

World Wide Wonders
Ghent University

A4 editions
Muhka, Antwerp

Time Challenger
HISK, Ghent

Jeugdzonde over opus één en opus min één
LLS 387, Antwerp

Voorkamer, Lier

storm op komst
Warande, Turnhout

The Ever Mass Land
Nadine, Brussels

10 + 2 1/2
Voorkamer, Lier

I Love the BeNeLux
Virgil de Voldère Gallery, New York


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