Rineke Dijkstra

Collection Centre Pompidou (group show)
Centre Pompidou, Malaga, from 28 March 2015 - ongoing

Rineke Dijkstra, I See a Woman Crying ( Weeping Woman ), 2009
Rineke Dijkstra, I See a Woman Crying ( Weeping Woman ), 2009

The world famous gallery Centre Pompidou is coming to Malaga. Without doubt the Pompidou art center in Paris is one of the greatest homes of twentieth century art. In line with the arresting appearance of the Pompidou in Paris the Malaga collection will be housed in the large glass cube, built with a cultural purpose in mind and which is situated at the corner which joins Muelle Uno and Muelle Dos of Malaga’s newly renovated port. The new Malaga Pop-Up museum will house a fine selection of its French mother. The museum that is at time of writing under full construction is expected to open on March 28th, just before the touristic season takes off.

Centre Pompidou, Malaga


Rineke Dijkstra

Hasselblad Award 2017
Hasselblad Foundation Center, Gothenburg
11 October 2017 - January 2018

A symposium will be held on October 10 in honor of Rineke Dijkstra, followed by the opening of an exhibition of her work at the Hasselblad Center, as well as the launch of the book Rineke Dijkstra – Hasselblad Award 2017.

The Foundation’s citation regarding the Hasselblad Award Winner 2017, Rineke Dijkstra:

»Rineke Dijkstra is one of the most significant contemporary artists working in photographic portraiture. Her large-scale photographs focus on the thema-tics of identity, typically capturing her subjects at moments of transition or vulnerability. Working in series, Rineke Dijkstra’s images recall the visual acuity of seventeenth-century Dutch portraiture, offering intimate portrayals of her sitters whilst also suggesting the situated aspects of their being. Rineke Dijkstra’s investigations in portraiture also include video. Her fixed-camera video studies yield images that appear to be moving photographs, revolutionizing our understanding of the fluid boundary between the still and moving image.«

Hasselblad Foundation, Gothenburg

Rineke Dijkstra

National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., West Concourse Gallery
10 December 2016 - 16 July 2017

Rineke Dijkstra, Lycée Hector Guimard, Paris, March 19, 1999, 1999, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Corcoran Collection
Rineke Dijkstra, Lycée Hector Guimard, Paris, March 19, 1999, 1999, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Corcoran Collection

Active as a photographer since the early 1990s, Rineke Dijkstra is known for her strikingly earnest, unsentimental depictions of young people in large-scale color prints. Shooting from a low vantage point with minimal background information, she endows her subjects with a monumental presence, creating portraits that are at once self-conscious but revealing, powerful but tender. This exhibition features four of Dijkstra’s portraits of adolescents, as well as a 1991 self-portrait that inspired much of her later work. It is timed to coincide with the installation of I See a Woman Crying (Weeping Woman), a three-channel video of British schoolchildren talking about Picasso’s painting Weeping Woman, on view in the East Building’s display of Collectors Committee gifts.

National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Rineke Dijkstra

Intra-Action: Women Artists from the Harn Collection (group show)
Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville
20 September 2016 - 16 July 2017

Intra-Action celebrates 36 international women artists working from the mid-20th century to the present, including the groundbreaking, radical collective called The Guerrilla Girls. More than 70 works reveal how these women have transformed the course of art by introducing new forms, materials and processes including performance, film and art in the street. Artists in the exhibition include Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Louis Bourgeois, Rineke Dijkstra, Yayoi Kusama, Ana Mendieta, Zanele Muholi, Louise Nevelson, Catherine Opie, Cindy Sherman, Melanie Smith, Carrie Mae Weems and the Guerrilla Girls. These artists are known for challenging patriarchal domination, notions of gender, identity and the art world itself.

Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville