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Known as one of today's most important industrial designers, Konstantin Grcic creates designs that are characterised by simplicity and intelligibility of form and material, which at the same time provoke in a humorous way. In his objects, pioneering production techniques as well as advanced materials connect with references to modern design classics. His products step beyond their functional qualities, capture the expressive core of the object and surprise with experimental components without losing in formal acuteness.

"Grcic’s design process and products are the end result of an iterative process of conceptualized thinking and physical making – a tightly spun dialectic of thought and praxis. They also illuminate the complex relationships between subjects and objects, between people and things. […] Certain works in Grcic’s oeuvre directly reference specific objects from design history’s modern canon, participating in a process of signification in time. What intrigues Grcic about examples from design’s past is the way in which they were based in – and reflective of – their own present day, at the time of their design. In these cases, somewhere in his design process he engages an object from history, and, without altering the core meaning of it, he re-charges it for the present through his new interpretation of it."

Robin Schuldenfrei, Subjective Objects – Historicity and the Design of Konstantin Grcic in Konstantin Grcic. Abbildungen/Figures, Kunsthalle Bielefeld, 2016

Image: chair_ONE, MAGIS, 2004, special all-black version, die-cast aluminium and concrete, 80 x 55 x 59 cm

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